A genius was born

On July 27th Wilfredo and Lucia Lara were about to change marketing forever. Little did they know the formula of mixing their chromosomes would bring forth the enlightened one which goes by the name of Manny Lara.


Music to my ears

Now musician Manny Lara lands a job as a producer at a local radio station in Miami, FL and makes radio history by taking local talent and turning it into cultural phenomenon. Did we mention Manny's middle name is "Modesto"?


The gift of giving

With his passion for music, Manny Lara created Noiseworks Productions. He composed, produced and collaborated for many known hispanic artist.

2007                       Moving Pictures

Manny acquires a video camera and learns that it's a powerful tool. Not only to capture a babies first steps. He learns that his gift came barring multiple fruits including that of video production. He could now seize this task to use the power of not only sound but also visual to capture the markets attention. 

2010                       The leap of faith

Proving that sometimes it's as easy and as hard as closing your eyes and taking the first step, passion for our work is the beginning, results for our clients is our goal. 

Already married to Jennifer Lara, who also started her career in radio, Manny decides to incorporate her media buying skills to the mix. They take the leap and open a Full Service Ad Agency and Noiseworks Media is born. 

2011                     Little golden person with wings

     Manny wins his first Emmy award for a local television station promo. 

2012                       Presidential Showdown

Noiseworks get's hired to do all the media buying and production in the hispanic market for Newt Gingrich in the primary election and Mitt Romney in the general election. 

2013                       RED Dawn

Thanks to the presidential showdown in 2012, Noiseworks acquires their first RED Digital Cinema Camera. Total game changer!

2014                       Not as easy as it seems

We learned to use the RED camera. 

2014                       Triple Victory

As the ad agency for Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Florida CFO Jeff Atwater they all got re-elected into office. 

2015                       Politically Correct

In participation, Noiseworks is recognized for a silver POLLIE award in Best Television Bilingual, Multilingual, Foreign Language ad "Estamos de Acuerdo" and a gold POLLIE award in Best Radio Bilingual, Multilingual, Foreign Language ad "¡Gol!" 

2017                   World Domination

                                        Stay tuned.